What to Expect from a Botox Party?

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, injectable neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport, and dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane reign supreme. As the most popular treatments around today, patients from all over the country are having more injectables done than ever before and with the issues surrounding the most recent pandemic, it has spurred interest at home Botox parties, and the use of private Botox injections. If you’re into aesthetics, chances are you’ve heard of Botox, but what exactly is a Botox party?! For many patients, every session with Botox is a party! Its that effective. But when it comes to private Botox parties at home, they are a lot more common than you might think. Going back to the 40’s and 50’s women, and even some men have been having gatherings at their homes, where they might treat their guests to facials, chemical peels, topical serums and much more! And this tradition has been going on for years, and became quite popular during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. When it comes to Private Botox parties at home, the team at At Home Botox, My MD Spa, offer a service where they offer amazing at home Botox parties, complete with a variety of other injectables and filler treatments! Despite how popular they were in years past, and because they have come back into focus quite a bit in recent years, many patients are still relatively uneducated on them. In this article, we will be going over some important things to know and what you can expect from at home Botox parties and private Botox injections in general.

Its Your Choice!
Now just because its called a Botox party, doesn’t mean that will be the only option for aesthetics. And its important to understand that aesthetic enhancement is a personal choice, and not right for everyone! This means that even if you are invited to a Botox party, or even if you are the one throwing it for friends and family! You do not have to have Botox done yourself or any other aesthetic enhancement procedure for that matter! Its always your choice whether you want to have a procedure done or not, and there for you should never let anyone pressure you to do so, if you aren’t ready! If you still feel comfortable attending a Botox party, and you should, enjoy time with friends and family, enjoy the food and drink, and do what you feel is right!

What to Expect from Botox?
Again, while Botox might not always be the main treatment done at the event, it is generally one of the headliners for sure. So it’s important to understand what Botox is and how you should prepare. Botox is an injectable neuromodulator, not a filler, it works by causing temporary paralysis to the muscles responsible for the contractions of your facial muscles which cause facial expressions to occur. While this might sound scary, Botox has been approved for aesthetic use for decades, and when performed by a trained professional, is an extremely safe procedure for eliminating unwanted facial wrinkles, and other treatments that are off-label such as for treating excessive sweating or migraine headaches and incontinence. It’s vital that you avoid strenuous exercise or intense physical activity for at least 24 hours before and after your Botox procedure. This will give the skin the time it needs to heal without causing excessive stress or blood flow to the area. Also, as the host you should ensure that all participants will want to avoid swimming or soaking in a warm bathtub for 24 hours is also standard practice, since these activities may cause more bacteria to get into small incisions potentially increasing the chances of infection. After the recommended waiting period, guests should still take care not to get their skin wet for 24 hours.

Side Effects & Soreness are Common
The fact is that Botox and any other aesthetic enhancement treatments are always going to cause some issues and side effects, albeit minor. Generally soreness is very common and while its minor you should expect it to come. In addition, when it comes to private at home Botox parties, patients need to expect that there will be minor swelling and slight discomfort, and may want to have things like towels and ice packs available for their guests. The fact is that when you use the services of a professional like Dr. V and At Home Botox from My MD Spa, they will limit side effects as much as possible.

Experience Helps!
Whether you are the host, or a guest, and its your first time having Botox especially when its private Botox injections done at home, you should try to invite some people who are experienced and who have likely had it before. This is common, as most people won’t jump into a Botox party unless they are already fans of the procedure but, having someone there who understands the feeling and knows what to expect can put you at ease, and will be very helpful.

Plus, experience is also vital on the part of the injector, this is why we recommend that you go with a trusted team like My MD Spa, for your private Botox injections and when throwing at home Botox parties. The fact is that unless there is a certified injector present, you should absolutely not take part in any Botox, and advise others against it. All too often, individuals can get their hands on Botox from doctors and think its okay to inject it themselves, but this is extremely dangerous and can lead to long term issues and an issue known as frozen face, where you can lose expression for long periods of time.

For more information on at home Botox parties, be sure to contact Dr. V today.

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