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What are the Basics to Know About Juvéderm?

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement and cosmetic medicine as a whole, there are countless treatments out there designed to combat the unwanted issues associated with aging. And while many of these treatments might involve highly invasive, sometimes even surgical measures, there are quite a few treatments that are not only highly effective at treating signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, facial discolorations and more, but they are also relatively noninvasive. According to Dr. V’s Aesthetics, the best medical spa NYC has to offer, one of the best examples of this is the use of dermal fillers NYC experts have been raving about dermal fillers such as Juvéderm for a while now, as they have been proven to not only be effective but highly versatile as well. According to many, when it comes to Juvéderm NYC patients are able to fight against one of the biggest problems associated with aging, that is known as facial volume loss.

Facial volume loss, and volume loss in general is one of the worst issues that occurs as a result of aging. And with the use of dermal fillers NYC patients can fill this lost volume, and deal with a wide variety of symptoms that occur as a result. One of the most common issues with aging is the loss of collagen, and if you have ever noticed an older person looking slimmer, and thinner in the face or hands, where as a more youthful person has a younger vibrance or plumpness about their skin – this is how facial volume loss affects us quite a bit. And with the use of Juvéderm NYC patients suffering from age related issues can combat these concerns quite a bit. Despite how popular the use of dermal fillers like Juvéderm has become, many people are relatively uneducated on the compound. Therefore, in this article, we will be going over some of the most important, yet basic things to know about Juvéderm – a compound which has slowly become one of the most popular dermal fillers Queens patients prefer to use.

What is Juvéderm? And How Does it Work?
As we have mentioned previously, Juvéderm has slowly garnered its place as being probably the most popular dermal filler on the market today. And while its effectiveness is definitely a major reason for this, its versatility is definitely another. Juvéderm is what is known as a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler Queens experts love this because HA or hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound, found within our skin that helps to provide our skin with its plumpness, and helps to accrue moisture within the skin. the Juvéderm family of fillers has several different options, and each of these fillers, while using a similar active ingredient, specializes in providing anti-aging benefits to a different area of the face. Like with other dermal fillers Queens patients can use Juvéderm to help combat volume loss issues, and help to fill facial depressions, wrinkles, lines and creases along the face. According to the team at Dr. V’s, known for the best at home Botox services Queens has to offer, the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid substance within Juvéderm helps to stimulate the production of collagen, as well as connective tissue, that plumps up the skin and gives it its much-needed volume and fullness – that is lost as a result of aging. As you get older, the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases. This increases the appearance of sagging and wrinkling of the facial skin. As the best medical spa NYC has in practice, Dr. V’s carries a number of different variations of dermal fillers, and in addition to Juvéderm another HA-based filler and close competitor to Juvéderm is Restylane.

What Can Juvéderm Help Treat?
One of the best parts of Juvéderm Queens patients love, is the fact that it is so versatile and can help treat so many different issues along the face, and even some places in the body. In addition to helping as a wrinkle reliever, Juvéderm is also known to be one of the most effective lip fillers NYC patients can get – helping to provide the best possible noninvasive lip augmentation. When used as lip fillers NYC patients prefer Juvéderm as it not only helps to provide fullness, but it also helps to create a definitive lip line as well. In addition to acting as a highly effective method for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, when using Juvéderm Queens patients can also get relief for facial depressions, facial discolorations, sun spots, under-eye hollows and much more. Juvéderm injections contain a small amount of pain-reducing lidocaine. This will help minimize any pain or discomfort you feel during treatment and make it go away quickly.

Minimal Risks & Side Effects
The fact is that when you choose to use Juvéderm, according to the team at Dr. V’s, known to provide the best at home Botox services Queens has to offer, its not only effective but because its relatively noninvasive, it requires little to no downtime, and few, if any side effects. In certain occasions, patients will experience minor discomfort along the site of the injection, minor redness, light swelling amongst other minor issues, but these will usually subside within a few hours or a day or so. For more information on dermal fillers Queens patients can contact Dr. V’s Aesthetics today.

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