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What are the Best Aftercare Practices After Private Botox Parties at Home?

When it comes to at home Botox, Dr. V and his team at At Home Botox offer a full and comprehensive service for patients looking to throw their first Botox party. While Botox parties seemingly fell out of favor over the past decade or so, there was always a number of patients still interested in hosting parties of their own. Often times, this allowed women who might have owned their own business to host a party, have a common theme that brought the crowd of their family and friends together, and then gave them the perfect opportunity to market their own products alongside the Botox. Something fun, and somewhat controversial that many women simply aren’t as educated on as they should be. These private Botox parties at home also allow the perfect setting for patients to be educated on Botox and dismiss a number of the most common misconceptions out there going around. But one of the most important aspects of getting Botox or any other fillers & injectables is to understand what is needed for an after care protocol. And while those that working with Dr. V the top Botox specialist near me, will be given access to a certified injector and medial provider, the fact is that in a party atmosphere it might not always be the best time to learn how to care for your Botox treatment area. In this article, we will be educating patients who get private Botox injections how exactly they need to prepare and go about their aftercare.

The Goals of Aftercare
When it comes to the aftercare process associated with Botox or any other fillers & injectables, according to Dr. V, the top Botox specialist near me, the goal of a solid and well thought out aftercare protocol is to minimize the risk of side effects such as bruising, redness, and other issues, while helping to fully optimize your results.

The first thing to understand is what you need to do immediately after your Botox appointment, whether its at an office or done during private Botox parties at home. Its import to:

– Slowly but surely make more and more facial movements, and in a way exercise your facial muscles.

– Try to avoid any hard work or strenuous physical activity for the first day or so. It’s best to go and rest immediately after.

– Avoid exercise and stressful activities or entertainment, as an elevated heart rate can cause issues with your results.

– Avoid direct contact with the treatment area. The more you touch, rub or apply pressure to the area, the more likely you are to not get optimal results, and may even cause an infection to develop.

– Don’t apply any creams or ointments to the area.

– Avoid direct sunlight to the area.

The Days After
One of the biggest draws for patients to choose Botox, and other fillers & injectables, is the fact that there is limited downtime, because the procedure is essentially minimally invasive and doesn’t require the use of any major incisions or anything. This means you don’t have to take any time off of work or school and can essentially continue daily activities the day after.

Try Not to Exercise for a Day
As we mentioned, exercise can raise your heart-rate, and cause blood to flow faster as a result, while it won’t likely prevent your results, they may cause them to not be as good as they could have been. After a day or two however, you can likely return to the gym however, in some certain instances, patients might be told not to work out for several days and to avoid certain specific activities in their particular case.

Listen to Your Doctor/Provider
Its important to understand that anything we tell you or at least most recommendations you will get before or after Botox can be overwritten by your doctor or Botox provider. The fact is that everyone’s case is different and depending on your specific treatment, they may suggest you take alternative steps to your specific aftercare. For more information on Botox and aftercare, be sure to contact Dr. V and his team today.

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