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3 Things to Know Before Your First Botox Treatment

In the world of cosmetic medicine, and aesthetic enhancement treatments, we are currently in the midst of one of the biggest and most exponential rises in popularity of all time, with more men and women having cosmetic procedures done than ever before. And when it comes to aesthetic enhancement treatments, one of the biggest things we are looking to combat is aging, and age-related issues that occur over time. According to Dr. V’s Aesthetics, considered to be the best medical spa NYC has to offer, there are a number of different treatment methods out there designed to treat unwanted signs of aging, and while many of them are fairly invasive and might involved surgery, there are also a wide variety of different treatments that are minimally invasive. When it comes to minimally invasive treatments such as Botox Queens experts at Dr. V’s Aesthetics, the best medical spa NYC has in practice, recommend this to many of their patients dealing with a wide variety of age-related skincare issues – mainly the presence of unwanted wrinkles and dynamic expression lines. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to Botox Queens experts recommend it more so than other more invasive measures, as it is not only less likely to involve risks commonly associated with surgery, but it is also highly effective – this is one of the main reasons why its one of the most popular aesthetic enhancement treatments around today, accounting for more than half of all cosmetic treatments performed every single day! Despite how popular it is though, according to Dr. V, known to provide some of the best at home Botox treatments Queens has to offer, many patients are relatively unfamiliar with the treatment, aside from what they’ve heard on TV or in popular culture. And many of these are myths, and misconceptions. Therefore, in this article, we will be going through a few of the most important things about Botox injections Queens patients need to know – especially before their first treatment.

· Botox is an Injectable Neuromodulator Treatment
When it comes to Botox injections Queens patients often have a tendency to lump them into a similar category as other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers. And while this is definitely somewhat true, as they do offer treatment for age-related wrinkles, and are minimally invasive injectable treatments, the fact is that they are in a separate category of neurotoxin. When using Botox Queens patients need to understand that they are injecting a form of the botulinum toxin-A, that is derived from the bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. The neurotoxin produced by the bacteria causes temporary paralysis – similar to an individual who contracts botulism. While this might sound scary, it is actually completely safe. According to Dr. V’s Aesthetics, known for the best at home Botox treatments Queens has to offer, when done in small enough doses, and administered by a trained professional with experience, the effects are relatively minor and temporary – only causing the paralysis of the facial muscles whose contractions cause facial wrinkles for a long enough period that the skin will be able to return to its former smoothness. The neurotoxin works by disabling the nerves in such areas, as the forehead and around the mouth area, to prevent he impulses that cause these muscles to contract temporarily.

· You Will Not Be Left Expressionless!
This is one of the biggest misconceptions and myths that’s been put out there about Botox injections Queens experts are constantly trying to fight against. According to Dr. V, and his team, being known to provide the best at home Botox treatments Queens has to offer, means that they must truly know what they are doing, and will not allow patients to go overboard with the treatments. The fact is that the only time that patients are left expressionless, or suffer from the frozen face is when the Botox is administered by an untrained person who uses far too much in one session, or when individuals have Botox done too many times, in succession without waiting long enough in between sessions. The fact is that following Botox injections NYC patients will still be able laugh or cry, or show anger, and the procedure will only moderately prevent the contractions – you may not smile as big as you did prior for a short time, but it isn’t truly noticeable when done by an expert.

· Anyone Can Get Botox Done!
One of the biggest misconceptions about Botox injections NYC experts are fighting against is the fact that Botox is exclusively for older, rich women, who live on the Upper West Side, and have frozen faces, without expression. This is a product of jokes made by the media and popular culture early on – Botox is actually used by a wide array of patients and you would be surprised to find out even some of your best friends or family members who might be using it. The fact is that Botox is much more mainstream now, and much more affordable, so its used by men and women of multiple age groups, some as young as their early 20’s! A main reason for this is because Botox isn’t just for the treatment of wrinkles but it can also offer preventative benefits as well.

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