IV Therapy

IV Therapy

Whether you refer to it as IV Hydration Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, an IV Drip or even the recently popular infusion therapy, IV therapy is one of the single most effective wellness treatments around today. A hallmark of medicine, the use of IV drips has been around for years now, and if you’ve ever been to the hospital, or seen someone in a hospital bed, and a clear bag of liquid alongside them, then you’ve undoubtedly seen IV therapy or an IV drip in action. While this is often a saline solution, or some type of an IV nutrition drip being administered to the patient in order to provide them with the hydration or nutrition they need whilst being in the hospital, IV therapy has gained a massive amount of popularity of late, as an elective medical spa procedure that can help patients to do everything from curing a hangover, and fighting dehydration, to improving the glow and smoothness of their hair, skin and nails! At Dr. V’s Aesthetics, our team specializes in providing patients with a number of amazing IV hydration therapy drips to provide all manner of different benefits, from health and wellness, to cosmetics and skincare, IV therapy has proven to be one of the fastest and most efficient means of getting much-needed hydration, and nutrition into a patient’s body.


IV or intravenous is actually a fairly common method of administering medication, nutrients, or hydration into a patient’s body in medicine, and is used in a number of different cosmetic and healthcare settings. IV administration is a method of administration in which a substance or medication, is delivered directly into the patient’s veins, rather than them having to take it orally. IV therapy uses either high pressure syringes, or an intravenous drip infusion cocktail, often known more simply as an IV drip. generally, IV administration of a substance is relatively pain free, and simply requires the patient to have a butterfly needle inserted into their vein in the arm. And when performed electively, patients can get their favorite IV therapy drip, whilst watching a movie, reading a magazine or even taking a nap – either at home or in our office!


The fact of the matter is that when a substance, hydration or nutrients are administered via IV drip therapy, it is the single fastest method of getting to the patient’s bloodstream, and therefore will provide patients with almost instant results and relief from issues such as a hangover, or general dehydration! IV therapy actually uses the body’s own circulatory system in order to disperse the medication, or to provide the body with replacement of lost fluids. In fact, IV therapy is far more efficient as when medications or vitamins are ingested orally, only a small percentage of the actual substance makes it into the bloodstream. In most cases, only about 10-50% of the actual vitamins or substances make it into the patient’s bloodstream, where as using IV administration, the bioavailability is roughly 90-95%+. For more information on IV therapy, or to schedule your own appointment, be sure to contact Dr. V’s Aesthetics today at (917) 789-6963 today.