In the world of cosmetic medicine, two of the most common issues we are looking to combat are aging, and the presence of excess fat. And over time, as we age, and out body tissue and health begin to degrade, losing weight and keeping the fat off can become more and more difficult with each passing day. The combination of these issues can lead to a wide variety of issues, including excess belly fat, cellulite, sagging fatty tissue, poor facial contours, a double chin and more. And when we are discussing the latter two, facial contours and the presence of an unwanted double chin, these are by far two of the most difficult issues to combat as we age. The presence of fat along the jawline and chin, often known as submental fat, can be quite difficult to lose using conventional diet and exercise – especially as we age. Considering this, aesthetic enhancement researchers have designed a revolutionary new treatment designed to help men and women combat this submental fat and help patients to achieve the facial contours and trim jawline and chin they’ve always wanted – this treatment is known as Kybella.


A minimally invasive injectable treatment designed to treat submental fatty tissue, Kybella has slowly become one of the most effective nonsurgical procedures designed to trim and contour fatty tissue along the face. The fat below the chin, the double chin, is very hard to eliminate with diet and exercise, and Kybella allows you to do so in a simple, and easily administered injectable treatment.


Similar to other minimally invasive aesthetic enhancement treatments, Kybella is very quick, easy and require little to no downtime, and almost no side effects or associated risks. To begin treatment with Kybella we must identify where the patient is suffering from fat pads, and identify specific points of injection. Then the Kybella solution can be injected.

The Kybella solution contains acids that are chemically similar to deoxycholic acid, an acid compound that is found within the body. Deoxycholic acid is meant to destroy fat cells. Kybella acts in the same way, directing your fat cells to undergo “cellular death”, eliminating them completely, as they are flushed out as a natural waste product by the body. It’s important to understand that we all have a specific number of fat cells in different areas, and some are born with less or more than others. For those who have gained weight, these fat cells are fuller than those who are lower in weight. By eliminating these fatty cells, we can remove these cells forever, and ensure that the patient cannot accumulate fat in that area any longer.


Similar to most aesthetic procedures, its important to make sure that you are a good candidate for treatment with Kybella. The fact is that some patients who might have larger, more advanced submental fat pads, or some type of underlying health concern that might be causing excess fatty deposits beneath the chin area, may not be the best candidates for Kybella and might do better with surgical measures or they should address their health concerns before anything else. Kybella might be right for you if:

  • You are bothered by the presence of your double-chin, and diet & exercise have not worked for your submental fat.
  • You are in a healthy weight range for your age and height.
  • You have good skin laxity; skin that isn’t overly loose or hanging.
  • You prefer a non-surgical alternative to losing your submental fat.


Kybella has proven itself to be the most effective, minimally invasive procedure for reducing the presence of unwanted submental fat, and contouring the jawline and chin area. In addition, it has been proven to be quite safe, when administered by a trained, experienced medical professional. Treatment with Kybella will generally take a few different sessions to fully eliminate your submental fatty tissue, depending upon your specific case.


While it is considered to be minimally invasive, and doesn’t require any major incisions or deep cuts, Kybella does require some minor downtime. The procedure itself takes about an hour to complete, and patients should expect to experience some minor swelling, bruising and tenderness in the injection area as it takes effect. However, this should only last a couple of days. Patients are advised to take it a bit easy during this time and avoid close contact with this area of the chin and face. It is recommended that patients take the following advice after their treatment.

  • Stay Hydrated, before and after the procedure.
  • Avoid salt and alcohol, before and after the procedure to reduce chances of swelling.
  • Apply ice to the treatment area for the first few hours after completion.
  • Try and schedule procedures during a weekend, vacation, or time off – as they may need a day or two to rest and reduce any swelling that may appear. 


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