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With the cosmetic medicine industry having gained immense popularity over the past decade, we are seeing more men and women willing to undergo all manner of aesthetic enhancement treatments in order to achieve their desired appearance. From general face and body enhancement, to anti-aging benefits, the world of aesthetics has seen somewhat of a renaissance of late, as procedures have never been as accessible as they are today. In years past, where patients would have had to undergo highly invasive surgical techniques to fight off unwanted issues and signs of aging, they are able to achieve the same results, through topical techniques and the use of minimally invasive injectable methods. One of the most popular examples of this is Botox. By far the most popular aesthetic enhancement treatment around, Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that accounts for nearly 50% of ALL aesthetic enhancement procedures occurring today! Most commonly used as a treatment for wrinkles, facial creases, and expression lines – Botox has gotten a bad wrap at times in the media, as many think it will leave their face expressionless and unnatural. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. When administered by a trained professional, with experience, and done in the proper amount, Botox can provide patients with amazing results!


One of the main goals of cosmetic medicine is to combat the unwanted effects of aging. The fact is that as we age, our face and body tissue will degrade over time, and our skin, being exposed to the elements, the environment, and other outside factors like the sun, tends to degrade quite a bit faster. And due to aging, we begin to lose vital skincare proteins such as collagen and elastin, that are meant to give our skin its natural smooth, soft, supple, plumpness, and elastic qualities – this means that it can no longer repair itself as fast as it might during our youth. And when we make facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning, our brain sends nerve impulses to the muscles beneath our face to cause contractions which create the actual expressions. Over time, these contractions are repeated over and over, causing the skin to thin out in areas, and create wrinkles at the site of the expressions (or contractions). This is similar to folding a piece of paper, over and over, and leaving creases. Botox has been proven to be the most effective, nonsurgical method of treating such wrinkles and expression lines. By temporarily stopping these contractions, Botox is able to allow the skin to smooth itself out over time. 


As we mentioned, Botox is classified as an injectable neuromodulator, that uses the active ingredient botulinum toxin-A. this neurotoxic protein is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Once injected, this compound will prevent the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from within the endings of our muscles – causing temporary paralysis, similar to the condition of botulism. While this certainly sounds scary at first, the use of such compounds is quite common in medicine. When injected into the proper areas, and at a proper dosage, Botox is considered to not only be one of the most effective treatments for dynamic wrinkles, but its also one of the safest!


Over the years Botox has become a favorite amongst patients, no matter of their age, sex or demographics. A main reason for this is the fact that’s its not only effective, but its so versatile. Botox can help treat different types of wrinkles and lines in a number of different areas. Botox can treat:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.
  • Forehead wrinkles.
  • Neck lines and bands.
  • Smiles lines and marionette lines.
  • Crow’s feet and under-eye depressions.
  • Nasolabial folds.

And much more!


As a noninvasive injectable treatment, Botox doesn’t require any incisions, or deep cuts, but rather a simple injection into the treatment area. While this isn’t very painful, in relation to other more invasive treatments, it can cause some minor pain and discomfort to patients with more sensitive skin. for these patients we may be able to numb the area beforehand. Side effects to Botox are very minimal, especially if done correctly, and at the proper dosages. In some instances, patients might experience light swelling and redness at the injection site – but these issues will subside within a few hours, or a day or so. patients can generally return to their normal activities immediately following each session, and won’t require any recovery period or downtime after.


The fact is that with Botox, patients can experience results almost immediately after their first session, and these benefits will continually improve over the next day or two. Results can typically last for upwards of 4-6 or even 6-12 months depending upon the level of correction, the area, and the dosage. Injections can be repeated anywhere from 4-12 months apart, in order to maintain results. However, its important to avoid overuse of Botox, as it can begin to cause unwanted effects.


With Botox becoming a favorite amongst patients, across any age group or demographic, our team is excited to offer Botox Parties. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a regular Saturday afternoon, gather your friends, family, and loved ones for a special at-home Botox event now! Contact us to find out more! Dr. V and his team specializes in making house calls and providing patients with the only at-home aesthetic enhancement service around, offering a variety of treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, and more! For more information on our services, a phone consultation, or to setup your at-home appointment now, be sure to contact us at (917) 789-6963 today!