The Facts About IV Therapy

We are living in quite a different time, where individuals all over the world are more focused on overall health and wellness than ever before. The issues stemming from the Coronavirus pandemic have been both good and bad, while it devastated individuals all over the world, and caused countless fatalities, one of the good things to come from it was certainly society’s newfound focus on immune health, and clean, anti-bacterial practices.according to many researchers and medical professionals the use of masks, the reliance on hand sanitizers and the increase in hand washing has actually helped to lower the transmission of cold and flu bacteria, and while coronavirus numbers are up and down, other illnesses aren’t being transferred anywhere near their previous rates. According to Dr. V Abayev, of My MD Spa, the Best medical spa NYC has to offer, with more and more individuals focused on improving their immune system, and overall health and wellness, they have seen a sharp increase in patients seeking out a procedure known as IV Therapy. IV Therapy or IV Hydration Therapy, is an intravenous procedure, which uses an IV drip to send vital vitamins, minerals, hydration and other nutrients, directly into an individual’s bloodstream. It’s something you’ve probably seen at at the bed side of a hospital patient before, but it’s actually way more common than you might think. Dr. V and his team at My MD Spa offer a number of amazing IV therapy drips, all designed to provide patients with a number of different benefits – from things like increased energy, enhanced immune system, improved metabolism, as well as a number of aesthetic benefits such as better skin. And while it is becoming more and more popular, not a lot of patients are educated on IV hydration therapy and all that it entails. therefore, in this article, we will be exploring a few important facts to know about the procedure.

What is IV Therapy?
Whether you’ve heard it being called an IV drip, IV hydration, or IV infusion therapy, this health and wellness treatment has been around for years, and has recently became quite popular amongst practices like My MD Spa, the best medical spa NYC has to offer. It is a treatment that delivers a number of vitamins, minerals, medications, hydration, and other compounds straight to a patient’s bloodstream using an intravenous needle. IV infusion therapy is often given to patients who might be suffering from issues such as dehydration or nutrient deficiency, and is known to provide patients relief from unwanted symptoms much faster and more efficiently than any other means of administration (such as oral). IV drips have been fabricated into different IV cocktails that combine different compounds to treat certain issues and provide different benefits, such as relief from a hangover or migraine, to improving the tone or texture of the skin.

How Does IV Therapy Work?
One of the main reasons medical professionals like Dr. V recommend IV infusion therapy is because of how fast and effective it is at treating certain issues, and helping to deliver nutrients or medications to the body. Using an IV drip, patients can experience relief from a hangover, migraine, or common dehydration issues in under 30 minutes – whereas the same relief would take hours if they were to take the meds or compounds orally. Because IV drips are able to bypass the body’s digestive system, and deliver things straight to the bloodstream, it not only saves time, but allows a higher concentration of the actual compound to be absorbed into the body. IV drips can provide 100% concentration of a substance, whereas oral administration is often well below 50%. According to the team at My MD Spa, the best medical spa NYC has to offer, during an IV vitamin treatment, you get a liquid mixture of saline along with vitamins and minerals. The professional administering the drip will need to find and access a vein to secure the needle.Once the needle is secured, a tube is connected and delivers the solution from the drip bag into the bloodstream. The administering professional will monitor your infusion to make sure the IV drip is flowing at the correct rate. The whole process typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And patients will often report feeling 100% better during that time.

Benefits of IV Therapy
There are tons of different benefits to IV vitamin treatments and IV therapy as a whole. For patients who might be deficient in certain vitamins or nutrients, they can have those vitamins absorbed into the body in under 30 minutes and get relief for their symptoms. And the same will go for someone who might be sick and severely dehydrated. Often times such a patient won’t be able to drink water, especially not in the amount they need to, without feeling sick or throwing up. IV drips can make a huge difference here. Often times, patients can also use a combination vitamin and mineral drip to improve their immune system and better fight off disease and illness. In addition to these basic vitamin, mineral and hydration drips, there are also a number of different IV therapy cocktails that make use of a number of combinations of compounds like Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant known to provide benefits such as improved energy, metabolism benefits, improved heart and respiratory health, cell and organ detoxification and much more. The fact is that the benefits one can attain using the countless drips out there are numerous. Some of the other popular IV drips offer benefits like immune system boost, enhanced energy, bone health, improved vitamin/mineral absorption, aiding in weight loss, boosting metabolism, improving dry, peeling skin, and much more.

For more information on IV therapy, or to schedule your appointment, be sure to contact Dr. V and his team today.

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