3 Important Facts to Know About IV Therapy

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, as we have mentioned in previous articles, it’s vital to understand that the better you feel on the inside, is directly correlated to how good you look on the outside. Without a well-balanced diet, an exercise regimen, and being in overall good health, it is difficult to look and feel your best. According to the team at At Home Botox, the best Botox specialist Bronx patients choose for skincare, all too often, they find that skincare patients suffer from issues like dry skin and other blemishes because of a poor diet, preventing them from getting the right nutrients, or a lack of hydration. This is where IV therapy can help quite a bit. When it comes to IV therapy Queens patients who suffer from certain nutrient deficiencies and dehydration will often use this in place of having a diet that is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. Often, using IV therapy Long Island and Queens patients are familiar with the hangover drip as a treatment for having a hangover after a long night out on the town. The hangover drip can directly deliver them a series of vital vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and overall hydration that they might be lacking during the hangover. In many cases, patients have found that their hangover can be cured within 30 minutes to an hour. Unlike other hangover cures, the hangover drip has a ton of scientific backing pointing out its effectiveness. One of the major issues with IV therapy Queens experts believe exists is that far too many patients are uneducated on the procedure and don’t know much past the hangover drip. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important facts to know about IV therapy.

What is IV Therapy?
Before we delve any deeper, its important to understand what exactly IV therapy is. if you’ve ever seen or been to the hospital yourself, and been attached to an IV – this is similar to what happens in IV therapy Queens experts at At Home Botox provide at home IV therapy services, that helps to deliver a variety of different vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and overall hydration directly into the bloodstream using a needle. IV therapy can help reverse nutrient deficiencies and relieve symptoms related to a variety of conditions, from migraines to nausea and the cold or flu. IV therapy can be customized to address specific issues like nausea or pain with the addition of medication, making it a highly versatile way to relieve multiple symptoms.

Faster and More Efficient
Sure you can certainly get vitamins orally, and you should certainly be drinking a lot of water – but using IV therapy Long Island patients are able to get vitamins and minerals to their bloodstream faster and far more efficiently than any other route of administration. Using IV therapy, according to the team at At Home Botox, the best Botox specialist Bronx patients have around, IV therapy allows you to get a 100% of the vitamins and other compounds, whereas when you orally take them, your stomach acids tend to breakdown so much of the compounds, that you can only really get anywhere from 20-50% of the vitamins in most cases – sometimes more, but in some cases even less! Plus, when you use IV therapy, you are able to get these compounds and overall hydration to your body much faster than any other route of administration. This is why the hangover drip can cure a hangover in under 30 minutes in most cases. While consuming vitamins orally must be broken down and take hours to fully get to the bloodstream, using intravenous therapy, you get them to you bloodstream right away!

Highly Versatile – Tons of Different Benefits!
One of the major things to know about IV therapy is that it can help with a number of different issues. From dealign with a hangover, dehydration issues, and lack of vitamins and minerals, to helping improve the immune system, helping improve your skin, hair and nails, helping you lose weight, and get more energy – IV therapy can help with so many different things. The fact is that IV therapy drips like the Myers Cocktail and others can get so many different vitamins, minerals and compounds into your bloodstream. Some of the most common include things like vitamin C, vitamin B complex, glutathione – one of the most effective antioxidants around, zinc, magnesium and so much more! Plus, for certain patients who might not he brink of death from dehydration an IV drip can get them the needed hydration, electrolytes and more faster than any other method. For more information on IV therapy, be sure to contact At Home Botox today.

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